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Artidor Explosion Safety B.V. is an internationally-oriented company specialized in the development and production of explosion-safe products. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of explosion safety and many years’ experience in engineering and R&D, Artidor is one of the most innovative companies in the market. Flexibility and quality are paramount in this.


In our well-equipped workshop, Artidor’s specialists design customized explosion-safe solutions, usually based on existing products. They ensure that all the original characteristics, such as the well-thought-out design and the product’s ease of use and installation, are retained as far as possible. If necessary, also the ATEX and IECEx certification for the product is arranged through a Notified Body. A number of these unique explosion-safe products are introduced to the market as Artidor products and are available from stock.


As well as the custom solutions, Artidor develops and manufactures products for clients who put them on to the market under their own private label. Thanks to our experience and systematic approach, these projects are well-managed and provide our clients with new opportunities on the market.



Explosion-safe signal lights | Explosion-safe LED lights | Explosion-safe Flashlights


Hydraulically driven ATEX air conditioner

Artidor created an explosion-safe ATEX version of the hydraulically driven MacBone 7 kW self-contained rooftop air conditioner for crane cabins, offshore use and use in the petrochemical industry

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