Emopad 38
5663 PB Geldrop
The Netherlands

Artidor Explosion Safety B.V. is a company that operates both in the Netherlands and internationally, specialising in the manufacture of explosion-safe products. We are among the market leaders, thanks to our expertise in and many years’ experience of product development.


We supply a number of explosion-safe products directly from stock. We also provide custom-made solutions, either in the form of single items or in series. Our outstandingly equipped workshop and laboratory are where our creative and innovative specialists make explosion-safe variants of existing products. They ensure that all the original features, such as the carefully designed appearance and the user-friendliness and ease of installation of your product, are retained as much as possible. Flexibility and customer-focus are key aspects of their work.


Every product we supply is of the highest quality and certified according to the European ATEX 95 Directive (94/9/EC).



Explosion-safe signal lights | Explosion-safe LED lights | Explosion-safe Flashlights


ISO 9001:2008 certified

Artidor Explosion Safety B.V. is a technical enterprise with extensive experience in and knowledge of explosion safety. We use this knowledge to provide customized solutions to companies needing explosion-safe products.

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