For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

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For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

Artidor new Gönnheimer distributor

“Gönnheimer is synonymous with pressurization systems.” For Marc Moolenaar, director of Artidor, it is clear cut. The German company Gönnheimer Elektronic has been the technological leader in the world of pressurization systems for more than thirty-five years. “So when on a certain day, founder Hans-Peter Gönnheimer approached me with the question of whether Artidor would be prepared to become Gönnheimer distributor in the Netherlands, I didn't have to think twice. The answer was simply: ‘yes, please’.”

Gönnheimer Elektronic was looking for a partner that had to satisfy a number of requirements. It had to be a company that had earned its spurs in the explosion safety market and that speaks the same language. A trustworthy partner with an understanding of pressurization systems that has the expertise to advise clients, can implement systems, and can take care of the certification. Artidor is such a partner.

Very honored

What company can say that it has made virtually all the robots in the painting lines explosion-safe for the major car producers? That’s right, Gönnheimer Elektronic. Moolenaar therefore emphasizes that it is “very honored” by the Gönnheimer’s request, which was charmed by the record of service Artidor has built up. “Since 2007, we have been applying pressurization systems that we developed in-house. For several years, Artidor has also offered an advanced system with extremely low air consumption, short flushing times and the necessary intelligence. We understand what it’s about. That made the difference for Gönnheimer.”

Strong impulse

Joining forces with Gönnheimer Elektronic represents a strong impulse for Artidor, Moolenaar confirms. With this partnership, we have direct access to the knowledge, products and experience present at Gönnheimer. Gönnheimer has a wide range of its own solutions with which normal industrial equipment can be used in virtually any explosive atmosphere. The systems are provided with every conceivable European and American certificate. We can say that this has drastically extended the range of our services. Our product portfolio has also been expanded with explosion-safe computers, screens and wireless PC accessories such as keyboard, mice, joysticks, wifi antennas and other accessories. Artidor is ready to represent the Gönnheimer brand on the Dutch market with verve.”

Gönnheimer, specialist in explosion-safe electronics

Gönnheimer products and solutions stand out for their innovative character developed in close cooperation with clients from the pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. Developing machine-specific solutions is among Gönnheimer’s core competences. High quality is guaranteed because all products are fully developed and produced in-house. Its service does not end at the warehouse door. Technical support, advice and after sales are strongly emphasized.

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