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Gönnheimer Zone 1 Wifi router

One of our good customers was faced with a problem: A WiFi network had to be installed on one of the Wintershall production platforms in the North Sea, but it had to be explosion-safe and suitable for use in demanding offshore conditions. The environment is classified as Zone 1.

Wifi zone 1 router by GöonheimerArtidor offered a solution based on the explosion-safe AP170 WLAN Router / Access point from the German company Gönnheimer Elektronic GmbH. This router is ATEX and IECEx certified for use in Zone 1, is rated IP65, and is provided with an increased safety terminal box that enables the electrical installation to be easily and quickly executed. The great strength of the Gönnheimer AP170 system is that virtually any commercially available router can be used for this purpose. This prevents considerable trouble for the responsible IT department because they can then continue to use their familiar protocols. Therefore, the Gönnheimer AP170 is not only a very safe solution, it is also an excellent IT solution as well.

GH 170 AP Wifi router

Artidor is the Dutch importer and representative of the German company Gönnheimer Elektronic GmbH and offers the entire Gönnheimer assortment. More information about the Gönnheimer PC / HMI solutions and Gönnheimer pressurization systems can be found on our website.

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