For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

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For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

Handbook Explosion Safety in Dutch, English and German!

Explaining complicated subject matter in such a way that it becomes clear and useful for everyone. Author Marc Moolenaar definitely succeeded in doing this. Explosion Safety is a difficult subject, full of terms that are hardly used in other fields of expertise. With little-known standards and puzzling certifications for explosion-safe equipment. This book enables machine manufacturers, certified engineers, managers, users and technical staff to familiarise themselves with the key concepts. Are you dealing with explosion hazard areas or ATEX equipment? Then this is book is an absolute must-read!

Handboek ExplosieveiligheidThe updated Handbook Explosion Safety for gas and dust environment addresses all major topics. From ATEX directives to assessment and avoidance of explosion risks. From technical measures and zoning to protection levels of electrical and non-electrical equipment. And from the selection of equipment to certification and certification schemes. The author's ample expertise is conveyed by this book in a clear, understandable and organized way. Both people who occasionally deal with explosion safety and the more ‘advanced’ will find this book contains new knowledge.

Difficult communication

Marc Moolenaar: “At Artidor we noticed that our customers found it difficult to specify their needs and to formulate product requirements. Explosion safety remains a complicated subject, making communication harder. I wanted to address this problem, and in 2015 I decided to teach a Basic Knowledge Explosion Safety course. A higher level of knowledge and more familiarity with the jargon used in our beautiful field means better communication. The idea was born! The course came about after endless reading, writing, deletions and re-writing. There were lots of sheets explaining the basics. I wanted the participants to take home all this information. Somehow, a traditional handout didn’t feel right. A pile of printed PowerPoint sheets that end up on a desk, then in a drawer and from there in the paper bin, that means losing valuable information. What a waste! Now, what if I could present it in the form of a book? People wouldn’t throw that away quickly, and would browse through it more often.” 

Interest from Malaysia

A good idea, but writing a book takes quite some doing. Marc: “I had to make difficult decisions. I wanted to treat all major topics, in detail and thoroughly, without becoming too specialist. In September 2016, after much effort the first Dutch version was released, and in 2017 we had a second edition printed. Two years later a valued customer from Malaysia visited us in Geldrop, Brabant. To our surprise they asked for a source copy of the Dutch Handbook to translate it to English. To be honest, I didn’t think they would really start working on it, but a few months later we were shown a translation. A good effort, but frankly not very usable yet. Nevertheless, it was the trigger to seriously start translating. After a few drafts by colleagues our good friend Henk Jan Reins did the final translation and editing in 2022.”

Auditor enthusiastic about the German version

The fact that the Handbook stands out is confirmed during an audit in 2023 by German auditor Ansgar Riers of the CSA Group. Marc: “An in-depth audit by this Notified Body, I must say. Ansgar has pretty good command of Dutch and the book came up in conversation. Ansgar wanted to polish up his Dutch in our field and the Dutch Handbook offered this opportunity. After reading it he was so enthusiastic he thought this knowledge should be available in German. He offered to take on the translation. We had many interesting conversations and extended the book with specific German additions. And while we were at it, we decided to upgrade both the Dutch and English version. Ansgar and his colleagues checked readability and helped dot the i’s.”

Safety for all workers

And now we have three completely updated versions, ready to be distributed. The project went totally different from anything Marc ever imagined, but the result speaks for itself. Marc: “I am proud, but I’m also glad it’s over! I sincerely hope this handbook contributes to Artidor’s mission: we want everyone to have a safe workplace!”

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