For over 30 years experience in Explosion Safety

We are growing, so we need you

With the expected growth this year and the fact that one of our team members is leaving us, we are looking for people that want to strengthen our team and become part of Artidor. We are especially looking for people in our specialized workshop. Someone who loves technique and wants to build innovative products that keep others safe, who likes variety in their job and helping us improve our products.  

‘An extended family’

Our team might be small, but we all love to do what we do and everybody is willing to take that extra step to help each other. It is almost like an extended family. We work hard and meticulous, but we also know how important unwinding is at the end of the week. So every Friday afternoon we end the week with a cold one… or two. En with 25 vacation days we offer you the time to recharge your batteries.

Would you like to be part of Artidor, but are you, after reading this, wondering if you know enough about explosion-safe products and standards? We understand that. It is a very specialized area, that is why we train you on the job.

So, do you have training or a background in electrical and / or mechanical engineering, would you like to work in an excellent team, building and creating explosion-safe products and learn everything about explosion safety and technique? Then we would love to meet you!

Contact us at or give us a call at +31 (0)40 787 39 11 to get more information about the opportunities at Artidor.