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Dealing with extremes

Temperature plays an important role in storing perishable products. When outside temperatures can reach extreme values, as is the case in the Scandinavian countries, innovative solutions are needed. Artidor makes it happen.

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If we can do it better ourselves, we will

Safety and technical aspects are always number one. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t take a look at aesthetics as well, especially when it means we can create an even better product that is more cost effective. The result in this case is a custom-created solution, based on an existing model, which we now are ready to produce for all our clients and can even enhance.

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What does our development process looks like?

Earlier this year we explained that we were waiting for the finalization of the ATEX certification by the Notified Body for one of our products. So we were extremely happy to learn that the certification was granted and that we can now fully focus on production. This ends a development process of a year and a half.

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Portable is now even more portable

Many of our customers need light in places that are difficult to reach. Such as in ships or aircraft under construction, but also in other places where you don’t have a wall socket or connection every two meters. So they asked us if we could find a solution.

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Custom-made solutions

Time-lapse camera for offshore use

Record the activity of birds and the contamination of the platform.

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Domino inkjet printer for use in Zone 21

After modification, the print head was certified by a NoBo for Zone 21.

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Private label products

Universal FlashLED now explosion-safe

Intrinsically safe inspection lamp for use in Zone 1 and 21 hudge success.

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Necplus LED light developed in no time

ATEX and IECEx LED work light for Zone 1 and 21 developed in no time.

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What drives us

We think it's important that people can work safely in hazardous areas due to the release of gas or dust. The necessary solutions should be so affordable that they withhold no one from taking proper precautions.

By continuously increasing and sharing our knowledge of explosion safety, we strive to make our specialty more accessible so that better choices can be made. We carefully listen to our customers in order to get a good impression of the customer-specific requirements, wishes and the conditions of use. This enables us to provide good advice and to contribute to solutions that are more practical or less expensive. Because of our enthusiasm for technology and for beautiful, high-quality products, we always come up with a product that is durable and that meets the expectations.

We design, manufacture and sell explosion-safe products in accordance with the European ATEX directive and the global IECEx standards. We do this under our own brand name or under the label of our customers. Furthermore, we offer tailor-made solutions.

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