For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

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For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

ATEX air conditioning

At Artidor, you can find ATEX certified air conditioning. ATEX certified products are explosion-safe. We offer you both stocked and tailored products!

Explosion-safe equipment

As your specialized manufacturer of explosion-safe equipment, Artidor offers you a wide range of products and solutions. Artidor’s motivated and experienced team members guarantee you durable, high-quality products! 

  • All of our products are ATEX certified, which means that they are developed in accordance with European Directive 94/9/EC (ATEX 95).
  • In our stock, you can find for instance ATEX certified air conditioning, such as the AR-051 Split systems.
  • Additionally, we can provide you with an ATEX certified version of your own air conditioning. Our Special solutions section is able arrange the conversion and certification of your product.