For over 30 years experience in Explosion Safety

Explosion-safe sensors

Artidor has developed and produces a series of explosion-safe motion sensors and twilight switches based on radar and passive infrared technology. All sensors and switches are suitable for use in Zone 2 and Zone 22. In addition, they are provided with a heavy and reliable outgoing relay for switching modern halogen and LED lighting.

AR-021 Motion sensor

Radar technology based motion sensor with high capacity switched output and potential free contact.

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AR-022 Twilight switch

Twilight sensor with highly sensitive photodiode and high capacity output and potential free contact.

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AR-023 Timer Relay

Delayed shutoff relay. Preset time adjustable from 10 seconds to 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

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AR-024 Occupancy sensor

Occupancy Sensor based on passive infrared technology. Range of coverage 24 x 44 meter.

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