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For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

Ultra2: Portable is now even more portable

Many of our customers need light in places that are difficult to reach. Such as in ships or aircraft under construction, but also in other places where you don’t have a wall socket or connection every two meters. So they asked us if we could find a solution.

Zone 1/21 ArbeitsleuchteAnd that’s how we arrived at the idea of developing a portable, rechargeable work-light. It was important, of course, that the lamp could be used throughout the day and could then be recharged quickly enough. So that’s the basic idea behind the Ultra2 LED work light. The reactions we received were very positive, which is always nice to hear. But people also had a number of questions: “That’s a great idea, a portable lamp! But it’s not going to be easy to transport it with the charging system. Do you have a solution for that?” Initially, we had to reluctantly answer “No” to that question. And if you have to keep saying “No”, it’s a bit annoying. So we got round the table again to see whether we could also find a good solution for this.

New accessories for the Ultra2

The result is a number of accessories that perfectly match the work-light. First and foremost, there’s the new storage case. This actually makes the portable work-light even more portable, because all the components can now be transported “one-handed”. The case also offers extra protection, even though the Ultra2 is already shock-resistant.

We also designed a stand especially for the lamp. It’s a tripod, with three legs for extra stability and balance. That means that the lamp can be positioned up to a height of two meters with no risk of it falling. The stand also includes a tilting mechanism. That way, the space in which you are working can always be lit from the right angle. And you don’t have to move the lamp all the time.

The new generation Ultra3

But this doesn’t mean that we’re going to rest on our laurels. Because although a rechargeable work-light is extremely handy, there are also customers that work for a long time in the same space and at the same location. So then it’s not that surprising that they asked us if we also have a wired version. Fortunately, we can now offer these customers the Ultra1. However, the even more robust and modern design of the Ultra3 is also on the way!

The accessories are now available. So feel free to contact us if you’d like to find out more.