For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

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For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

Domino inkjet printer for use in Zone 21

Domino printhead for zone 21 and zone 22Armac set Artidor the challenge of converting a Domino Macrojet inkjet printer for use in a dusty environment where packaging for additives for thermoplastic polymers are filled. The printer had to be suitable for use in zone 22 and the printer head for use in zone 21.

Domino Macrojet print head developed by Artidor

Explosion safety

To create an explosion-safe solution, three important components needed to be considered: the printer, the printer head and the connecting flexible hose containing the ink line and the signal wires.
To make the printer explosion-safe, it was housed in a custom enclosure provided with an Artidor Ex pD overpressure system and Artidor AR-047 LED signal lights.
For the printer head, which consists of 16 solenoids and provisions to be able to clean the head, it was decided to use a dustproof “Ex tb” enclosure. The necessary openings for the supply line, printer head and cleaning valve are made dust tight with specially designed components. Given the good experiences with Kiwa ExVision, the category 2D printer head was certified in Apeldoorn.
Finally, the existing connection between the printer and printer head did not meet the requirements and had to be replaced. To prevent dust being transported via the hose, a special gland was installed on both sides, creating a seal down to the individual wire.

Total solution

With its in depth knowledge of the explosion safety, Artidor was able to offer its client a total solution for all the technical problems. New and existing designs, different product categories and extensive protection methods were combined in one package for a high quality, safe solution.


Armac, established in 1991, specializes in industrial automation, machine and process control, electrical engineering, motion control and IT. They use a structured, project-based work method to create the simplest possible solutions.

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