For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

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For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

Label printer for Akzo Nobel warehouse

Label printer for zone 2Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes produces vehicle paints, and products need to be labeled in the warehouse classified as zone 2. To keep the work as practical as possible, the label printer also needs to be placed in the zone. Does Artidor have a solution for that? Well, of course!

Label printer developed by Artidor

Explosion safety

The IT department at Akzo Nobel asked us to use an Avery Dennison AP5.4 label printer. This printer does not meet the requirements for non-sparking equipment and as expected, modifying the many electronic components was found to be a non-starter. It was decided to choose a pressurized enclosure according to EN 60079-2:2014 for this. Regularly changing label types and rolls is an inherent part of the use of a label printer and the user might leave the housing open for convenience. To prevent this potentially dangerous situation and to protect users from themselves, it was decided in consultation to have the printer switch off immediately upon loss of the positive internal pressure.

Label guide

The special teflon label guide was designed to be able to feed the labels without jamming and to limit the air loss through the very narrow opening as much as possible. In combination with the very low internal positive pressure of 0.5 mbar, the proportional inlet valve and the microprocessor control, a solution was created that functions well regardless of the presence or absence of labels.

Label guidance Ex P printer

Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes

Virtually since the invention of the car, Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes has been helping bodywork companies to take care of cars. To do this, they constantly develop new technologies to make the paints for repainting cars even better. Paints from Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes are sold under the brand name Sikkens.

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