For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

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For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

Universal FlashLED now explosion-safe

“Can you develop and produce an explosion-safe inspection lamp based on a universal inspection lamp?” This question was formulated by the German company Gifas Electric GmbH. Artidor grasped the challenge with both hands. The explosion-safe inspection lamp, suitable for Zone 1 and 21, has now been a popular item from Gifas’s range of products for many years.

FlashLED-Ex for zone 1 and zone 21“And to think we initially advised the client against starting on this,” laughs Marc Moolenaar, director of Artidor. “But Gifas was undaunted and was convinced of the opportunities on the market. Reason enough to get to work and investigate the feasibility.”

Gifas TorchLED Ex developed by Artidor

No surprises

Artidor’s idea of a private label partnership is not a process full of unpredictabilities or open ends, but a transparent project in which the different phases and costs are clearly defined. “The first phase consists of the preliminary study for a fixed number of hours and at a fixed price. Then we talk about the feasibility and offer the development at a fixed price. We also accurately estimate the development time and the ultimate cost price.”

Intrinsic safety

After assessing the feasibility study, Gifas Electric gave the green light for phase two: the development and certification of the inspection lamp.
Marc Moolenaar: “Of the nine ways there are to make the equipment safe, ‘intrinsic safety’ is one of them. Both voltage and current are limited to prevent sparks or hot surfaces from occurring. Safeguards are integrated into the design with which sensors monitor the temperature of the LED lights, for example. As soon as the temperature exceeds the set value, the lighting dims.”
Of course, Artidor sets the highest requirements for the electronics. “The housing of the lamp is identical to that of the original lamp, but the internals have been completely replaced by newly designed electronics with components of superior quality. That is the only way we can guarantee explosion safety during the whole lifespan of the lamp.”

Fast delivery

The development and testing of the electronics and having the prototype tested takes about a year on average. As soon as the certification is granted, nothing else stands in the way of production and delivery. “We guarantee a delivery time of less than two weeks for a small batch of a hundred inspection lamps,” Moolenaar illustrates. “It is a matter of clever inventory and good planning. The customer receives fully charged lamps in their own packaging, so they don’t have to worry about a thing.”

Success makes friends

The best evidence that the Gifas inspection lamp can be called a success is that the Swiss sister company of Gifas got wind of the success and included the lamp in its product range. “Our technical solutions and work method are appreciated, because this Swiss company has now awarded us the contract to develop and produce an explosion-safe LED light in pocket size”, adds Moolenaar.
Aside from Gifas Electric, Artidor has developed private label products for companies such as Ascom, Bosch Rexroth, Necplus and Patlite Corporation. “The cooperation is intensive during the development but once the product has been certified, we take care of everything for the customer.” Moolenaar makes sure that customers do not need to spend a fortune to investigate the feasibility of an explosion-safe product. “It is an initial investment of a good week for a predetermined amount of money. On the basis of our accurate estimate of the cost price, the client can make a good assessment and the risk is low. Nothing stands in the way of a successful introduction.”

Gifas Electric GmbH

Gifas Electric GmbH develops, produces and distributes electrical solutions such as power distributors and technical lighting for use under demanding thermal, physical and chemical conditions.

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