For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

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For over 35 years experience in Explosion Safety

Why Artidor provides to Patlite only

Wherever work is done, dangers and risks lie in wait. Given that prevention is better than a cure, the use of optical and acoustic signaling is self-evident, certainly in ATEX zones. That is why Artidor has applied itself to making signal towers, sirens and (warning) lights from the leading Japanese brand Patlite explosion-safe. Since 2010, Artidor stopped selling to the market directly, but exclusively produces the explosion-safe ‘Patlites’ for Patlite.

Patlite AR-078 signal tower developed by ArtidorPatlite signal towers for zone 2 and zone 22The formula was simple. Based on demand from the market, Artidor purchased tower lights from the Dutch Patlite dealer in order to develop an explosion-safe variant in-house. “From time to time, our demand was so high,” explains director Marc Moolenaar, “that we were left empty-handed in the Netherlands and had to find salvation from the Patlite dealers in Germany, Poland, France and Italy. Our orders did not go unnoticed by the parent organization. One fine day, I was approached with the question of whether Artidor was interested in an exclusive partnership. The rest is history.”

Passion for perfection

“The Patlite products are head and shoulders above the competition when it comes to solidity, finish and light output.” Marc Moolenaar is full of praise for Patlite’s quality. Conversely, Patlite sets high requirements on the end products that Artidor delivers. “Patlite is not happy with less than perfect. This is a demand that comes out of the passion for their products. We can identify with this very well, because it fits seamlessly with our philosophy that only the very best is good enough for our customers.”
A salient detail is that Patlite turned out to have a sharp eye for the good reputation that Artidor had built up in the market. “The signal lights that Artidor sold in the past as AR-070 and AR-078 still have the same codes under the Patlite label.”
The products that Artidor converts are tested and approved for use in zone 2 and zone 22. Artidor now modifies ten different Patlite products that are directly delivered to Patlite’s logistics centers in Germany, the United States and Singapore.

Top international brand in signaling

Patlite is a leading supplier of optical and acoustic equipment for signaling, warning and alarms. It is a versatile company of Japanese origin that is globally active and has been working for safety and comfort in the workplace for seventy years now. With more than 600 employees and subsidiaries in the United States, Germany, Singapore, Korea and China, Patlite enjoys international recognition as a top brand.

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